Saturday, November 2nd, 4-5:30pm

with Tony DePiano and Sybil Merriman

To attune is to bring into harmony, or to make aware or responsive. In this class we will explore unwinding movements to encourage physical openings, particularly in areas where we tend to hold tension or get stuck in holding patterns. The movements are performed going with, rather than against, gravity, for a gentle approach. In this practice, we also explore the power of stillness, cultivating sensory awareness, and giving the body and mind time to absorb and integrate the music and the movements.

Studies have shown that listening to classical music has both mental and physical benefits, from pain management to improved sleep quality. Listen to the relaxing and beautiful guitar while gently coaxing your body into more efficient patterns of movement, and emerge feeling refreshed, renewed, and harmonious in body, mind, and spirit.


Saturday, October 26th, 1-3pm with Sharon Sklar

Yamuna Body Rolling is essentially self-massage. With balls of various sizes and firmness, we used our body weight and small movements to release tension from our necks, backs, leg muscles and more. You will notice an immediate difference in alignment, feel looser and freer in your body, and improve mobility and flexibility.

Book early, this workshop sells out!


Saturday, November 9th, 2-4pm with Kristy Joyce

Learn to make a mala, and learn how and why to use it.  Make one for yourself or create a special gift just in time for the holidays!

Kristy will talk briefly about the history of malas and what they are used for traditionally and personally. Then you will select your 108 beads from a variety of gemstone and wooden beads to create your work of wearable art. Meditations and brief stretching breaks will be offered as we knot and bead. There’s no pressure to finish your mala, you can take it home to complete it.  Complimentary hot tea From Ritual Earth Tea is included.



Saturday, November 23rd, 7-8:15pm with Kelvin Young

Breathe. Relax. Heal.

Take the time to relieve stress, find inner peace and balance through the transformative powers of sound. During a session, Sound Healer, Kelvin Young utilizes the crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, gong, ocean drum, chimes and other healing tools to activate the relaxation response to calm your mind, relax your body and nourish your soul.

The meditative sounds promotes healing from chronic stress, muscle tension, addictive behaviors, sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, PTSD and other stress-related health conditions. 



Thanksgiving Day, Thursday November 28th, 10:30-11:45am with Natalie Spadaccino

Donation-based class to benefit World Vision. 

Cash or check only please. 

World Vision’s mission is to work with the poor and oppressed through an integrated, holistic approach. 




Sunday, January 19th, 12:30-2:30pm with Loli Arosemena

Learn about Ayurveda, the Science of Life, and how you can bring this ancient wisdom into your everyday life.  Ayurveda is the oldest and most effective health-care system in the world. This great science, still being used in modern times, creates balance and longevity in our lives by simply following the laws of nature. Understanding this system will help your body heal and thrive. In this workshop you will learn:

  • About your constitution
  • The 5 elements, the 3 Doshas and their Qualities
  • How to live in rhythm with nature
  • Ayurvedic herbal formulas
  • Secrets for radiant skin
  • Ayurvedic daily routine



Sunday, February 16th, 12:30-2:30pm with Loli Arosemena

Join Loli for an Ayurvedic Workshop to bring vitality into the season of Spring.

In the ayurvedic system of health, the Kapha season starts out in cold/wet
March, then flowers into Spring, the season of growth.  Many people can feel the effects of Kapha in their respiratory system as an increase in seasonal allergies and catching colds.  In order to stay balanced and healthy, we must place extra attention on our body’s natural healing capacities in order to feel refreshed and renewed, rather than carrying the heavy, sluggish energy of winter into spring.

Learn how to adjust your lifestyle, diet and yoga practice to detox the body, cultivate a sense of renewal, and create optimal wellbeing. Enjoy a purifying and energizing yoga practice to clear Kapha and maintain vibrant health.  Take home different ayurvedic and yogic spring cleansing practices to suit your constitution.

Complementary Ayurvedic tea and treats included!