Sunday, November 1st, 2 – 4pm with Kristy Joyce and Sybil Merriman

Learn to make a mala, and learn how and why to use it! Make one for yourself or create a special gift just in time for the holidays!  You will select your 108 beads from a variety of gemstone and wooden beads to create your work of wearable art.  Sybil will discuss the history, applications and methods of using malas in practice. There’s no pressure to finish your mala, you can take it home to finish.  Complimentary hot tea From Ritual Earth Tea is included!



Saturday, November 7th, 1-3 pm with Sharon Sklar

Yamuna Body Rolling is essentially self-massage. With balls of various sizes and firmness, we used our body weight and small movements to release tension from our necks, backs, leg muscles and more. You will notice an immediate difference in alignment, feel looser and freer in your body, and improve mobility and flexibility.



Sunday, November 8th, 12 – 6pm with Karen Sevenoff

Perfectionism houses gifts and pain. It can be experienced as meanness or dissatisfaction and we may feel its burdensome, destructive qualities in our relationships, in our lives. In this full-day program, we will take a compassionate look at some of perfectionism’s roots and chains as well as its wise aspects. Bringing into the light the very good reasons we strive and strain will help us to more clearly see what perfectionism’s particular knots and habit patterns are made of and why they are ours to most kindly take responsibility for.

This program will include plenty of practice in the healing arts: easeful yoga, playful movement, sitting and walking meditation and the wonderfully supportive opportunity to share within a sympathetic and like-minded group. We will invite awareness practices that honor the body’s responses and cultivate spacious renewal and a way towards freedom. We are often reminded in the work of recovery, to aim for progress, not perfection, and that is our intent in this spirit-led day of discovery and support.

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